Lilly Pulitzer APS Tips and Tricks!

The APS is an exciting “holiday” for us Lilly lovers that occurs twice a year where items can be found for up to 70% off! One thing to note is that once you arrive on the Lilly Pulitzer website at 8:00am you will be placed in a virtual line that will state how many people are in front of you and how long it should be before you are able to enter the site. In my experience, this time is typically an over-estimate. 

1. Prepare you’re Electronics-

     Items tend to sell out rather quickly so the earlier you can get into the sell the better. Log in to your Lilly Pulitzer account the night before and make sure all your shipping and payment method information is correct. I recommend using more than one device (computer, smart phone, iPad). Be sure to set an alarm so you are awake and ready to refresh the webpage right at 8:00am so you can get in as quick as possible before the items you want sell out. 

2. Go In with a Plan- 

    Once you enter the website, refine the search settings so only the items in your size will appear and you won’t waste time looking through items that are no longer available in your size. I recommend finding a store that carries Lilly and trying on everything you want to get a sense for what size you need because everything purchased as the sale is non refundable. I also recommend knowing the exact name of the item you are looking for instead of just the broad description. For example, “Natashia Scoop Neck Tank Dress” instead of just “dress.” 

3. Get in and Get Out-

     Shopping the Lilly Pulitzer sale really is a race for time because if you take too long, items will start to go out of stock and “fly out” of your cart so keep in mind that nothing is yours until you receive the conformation email. With that said, also keep in mind that once you check out you will be placed at the back of the virtual line again.

4. Shop Signature Stores’ Websites or Call Signature Stores-

     I have found that Signature store website have much easier access and even have lower prices on certain items. I prefer to shop these websites and others such as Zappos and 6PM on one device while another device is in line for the actual Lilly Pulitzer website.

5. My last tip is not to spend all your money at once. Last year they continued to add more items to the site through the second day but at that point, I had already spent all my money. 

Previous purchases from APS and estimated prices:

First APS purchase ever. Iona silk tank.  $60ish. Received 2 days later. August 2015. From

Ordered from Pink Door Memphis. This item is a dress. $24ish. Arrived about 2 days later. January 2016. 

Shrimply chic infinity scarf. Retail $78 got on for $54. Received two days after purchase. January 2016.

Fansea popover. Retailed $98 bought on for $64. Ordered August 22 2016 and it didn’t ship until September 3. 

Romper retailed $178 bought for about $60 on Ordered August 22 2016and it didn’t ship until September 3. 

Coconut jungle jelly pants. Retailed for $158 and bought on for $65ish. Ordered August 22 2016and it didn’t ship until September 3. 

Obviously, my most recent experience with the APS was my worst. I was on at 8am and got everything in my cart to check out and then it would not let me submit my order. I had to get back off the site then go back through the virtual line and risk losing items. Fortunately, the second time in I was able to check out and purchase everything I wanted. But even then, it took weeks for my purchases to ship. 


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