10 Things I Currenlty Can’t Live Without

Today I am talking about the 10 things I use in my everyday life! Some of these are specific to the summer, but not all of them!

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I am also working on a Q&A blog post so comment any fashion related or really anything related questions you have!

1. My Marley Lilly Tote:

This is my go to purse and if you’ve been reading the blog for a while then you know I love it because it is featured ALL THE TIME. It’s big enough to hold everything I need (including my tiny laptop) but isn’t too big!
2. Baseball Hats:

I work as a tennis instructor in the summer and I have to wear a hat to protect my face from the sun (and my scalp because it burns easily). Also, I always wear a hat on the beach or at the pool or lake for the same reason! These Vineyard Vines hats are my favorite!


Men’s Vineyard Vines ‘Flag Whale Logo’ Baseball Cap – Red • Vineyard Vines • $32

Men’s Vineyard Vines Americana Baseball Cap – Red • Vineyard Vines • $34

Men’s Vineyard Vines Whale Logo Cap – Beige • Vineyard Vines • $32
3. My iPhone:

This is because I am able to blog and take photos and keep up with everything Brightest of the Bunch through my phone. I don’t know why people think that cell phones are ruining the world. They enable us to create and learn in ways we never could before. We can communicate with people all across the world, read endless books that we may not have had access to before, film and photograph unique moments to share with others and watch moments that we may have never seen from others, easily share ideas and have a voice, and there are endless other things that today’s technology enables us to do.
4. Moscato and Monograms Pullovers:

I have two of these and I honestly LIVE in them. Everyday when I get home from work I shower and out one on and spend the rest of the day in it! I have this monogram flag zip one and this turquoise white monogram zip one. I would say that the flag sweatshirt runs true to size and the turquoise runs large- but it has pockets! Trust me, you need one of these sweatshirts! Use my code OLIVIA98 for 20% off!

5. Southern Girl Prep Tote:

This tote is perfect for blog photo shoots because I can easily pack everything I will need! Use my code brightestofthebunch15off for 15% off your purchase from Southern Girl Prep!

6. Jack Rogers:

If I did not have Jack Rogers then I have no idea what shoes I would wear in the summer time. They match all of my outfits so easily! I know a lot of people are concerned that they are not comfortable. It is true that breaking them in is not fun and even once they are broken in they are just fine but still not as comfortable as Uggs or Rainbows- but I think the pain is worth it!


Jack Rogers Cleo Sparkle & Leather Slides • Jack Rogers • $74.25

Women’s Jack Rogers Cleo Sparkle Whipstitched Sandal • Jack Rogers • $138.95

7. My Lilly Agenda:

As y’all know I’ve been really committed to the blog lately and I use Lilly Agenda to keep everything on track! If you want a post all about how I organize my Lilly Agenda and keep track of all my blog plans WITH the ability to make changes- leave me a comment below! And if you want a really cute sticker like this one for your agenda, use my code OLIVIAN10 for 10% off your online purchase from J.R. Crider’s!

Lilly Pulitzer Beach and Bae 2017-2018 Jumbo Agenda • Lilly Pulitzer • $35

Lilly Pulitzer 2017-2018 Beach Loot Large Agenda • Lilly Pulitzer • $30

Lilly Pulitzer 2017-2018 Jumbo Agenda • Lilly Pulitzer • $35
8. My Wetbrush:

This may seem like an odd must have but these brushes will change your life! If you have hair that damages easily like mine- this is for you! These brushes are meant to be used when your hair is wet because they are not as hard as normal hair brushes and easily work through the knots- which is why I use them all the time! I got this travel sized one that stays in my purse from a monthly monogram box from Moscato and Monograms! You can use my code OLIVIA98 for 20% off!

Wet Brush Detangle Shower Hair Brush • $9.99

Wet Brush Duet Wet Brush & Squirt Detangling Hair Brush Set • $11.99
9. Lilly Pulitzer Keychain:

Recently I’ve had the keys to my work on my key ring with the rest of my keys. When carrying all the supplies back up the hill, finding a hand for my keys can be hard. With my Lilly Pulitzer Keychain I can just loop one of my fingers on it and we are good to go!

10. Kendra Scott Jewelry:

Ever since I have had this jewelry in my life I cannot imagine an outfit without it! I have light pink see through Elle’s that I wear as a neutral and a brown pearl necklace that they do not make anymore. I prefer the Elle’s because they are the medium and perfect size- not too big and not too small.


Women’s Kendra Scott ‘Elle’ Drop Earrings • Kendra Scott • $55–65

Women’s Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace • Kendra Scott • $65




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