What to do when it Rains at the Beach

1. Go Shopping:

This is obviously my number one choice and recommendation as to what you should do! There are just so many places to go shopping at the beach such as outlets, shops, beach stores, malls, and even more!

2. Go to the Aquarium:

Most of them are inside, right? Go to an aquarium! It is something relative to the beach that you probably would not get to see at home!

3. Go to the Sun!

Find where it is not raining, and drive to that end of the beach! If you are dying to see some sun, this is the perfect option for you!

4. Take a day to lounge around:

You are on vacation! Take advantage of it and spend the day watching movies in your pajamas and taking naps!

5. Just look around where you are staying!

I am sure that if you explore and research where you are staying you will find multiple indoor things you want to do specific to that area!

I am sharing this look because it is perfect for what I want to do when it rains at the beach- shopping! This outfit is perfect for a day of shopping then a nice dinner out because it looks like a dress- but is actually a romper! This look makes you look super dressed up but is still comfy because it is shorts! Here I have linked a Lilly Pulitzer romper that looks like a shift dress!

*these links may be affiliated, meaning I may receive a small commission*


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