High Low Maxi Romper Trend

Once again, I do not think there is a trend I do not love. Well, I take that back. I cannot do the fur shower shoes trend. I can understand it on some people, but I do not like it. If you do not know what I am referring to, check it out here.

Anyways, like I was saying, I love this trend. Everyone loves a good romper. Rompers are so easy because you do not have to match up an outfit, just throw on a romper! They are more comfy than dresses because you do not have to worry when you bend down or want to sit criss cross applesauce because you are wearing shorts!

The best thing about this trend is that you are still wearing a romper, but it is even more dressed up and appropriate for more formal occasions! I usually would only wear a romper to a more casual occasion, but this one is the exception! This trendy romper is perfect for weddings or special parties!

There is something about a maxi that just makes me feel so fabulous, not to mention that they are so in this year. I know there are some girls that may not want to be completely covered by a maxi skirt (I used to be one of them), which is why this romper trend would be perfect for them. The shorts in the front allows some leg to be shown and the maxi in the back makes the look fabulous. I am not so in to the technical high low skirt hem, but this is more like a cape over the shorts, which is why I love it! Similar to this style, I love a duster cardigan! A long skirt/cape only in the back!

Of course I love this trend. I just realized that my prom dress from junior year pretty much is this trend. Junior year I felt like the long dresses swallowed me and were not flattering, which is why I chose this high low dress, and my whole point I made in the section above. I also loved this prom dress because it was unique. I HATE typical prom dresses. You know, the ones that have diamonds on the bodice and a plain skirt. Hate it. But that is another post.

Anyways, I was on the look for a high low romper because I wanted to try out this trend. When I saw this one at Rue 21, I was instantly in love. I had to have this romper- no other. But, they did not have my size. I loved this one because of the yellow floral print, the deep V neck, and the open back. My grandmother and I went to nearly 5 different Rue 21’s before I found it in my size! So, here it is:

Romper (similar, navy)

Floral Romper

Striped Romper

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