Wearing Lilly Pulitzer at Night!

When I think of styling pieces at night time I tend to think darker, tighter, sleeker. You know what I mean, shorter skirts, leather leggings, over the knee boots, low cut tops, higher heels, black, black, black.

When someone requested I style a Lilly Pulitzer piece from day to night, I was stuck. I stood in my closet staring at my Lilly wondering how I could follow all the rules of styling for night time with these bright, floral pieces.

And them I remembered- I don’t follow the “rules of fashion.”

If you read my My Basic Fashion Rules, then you know that there are few rules in fashion I actually follow because I believe fashion is a personal art that you use to express who you are- and there should be no rules when it comes to self expression.

I know many would think that Lilly Pulitzer is too bright for a night time event, but honestly, I would wear almost any of my Lilly Pulitzer in a night time setting. I will admit, pineapple and flamingo prints may not be the best choice, but who cares! And honestly, what is appropriate for your night time event really depends on the event! Lilly would be perfect for a night time casual dinner!

Today I am going to share two Lilly outfits that I think would be perfect to wear in the for any nighttime event and a formal Lilly dress perfect for a formal night event!


This dress is perfect for an evening occasion because it does look a little more formal with the lace detailing down the collar and it is a lower cut piece for Lilly! Also, the purples and blues in this dress give it a more night time color scheme!


Lilly Pulitzer Dress (similar)


This Lilly tank is probably the most night time looking Lilly piece I own. The pattern being only navy and white along with the style and cut of the dusk tank and the fact that it is silk makes this tank perfect for the evening! This tank could also easily be taken from work wear to dinner simply by pairing it with a blazer for work!

Lilly Pulitzer Tank (similar)

Formal Dress:

This is the Lilly Dress that I wore to my Anchor Formal my Junior year of high school. I knew I wanted to wear Lilly but I did not want to stick out and wear something bright with palm beach prints that may not be appropriate for this occasion. The navy  and gold options available at Lilly are the perfect way to sport your favorite designer even when the infamous bright colors would not be appropriate!img_4916

Lilly Pulitzer Dress (similar)

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