All you Need to Know about Becoming a Brand Rep!

I currently am a rep for Lily and Laura, Southern Girl Prep, Moscato and Monograms, J. R. Crider’s, The Pinkish Flamingo, Crescent Cotton, and Barklyn Grace and all of my discount codes can be found here:

Ways to Become a Rep:

1.Look for an Application/Opportunity:

Many companies will announce on Instagram when they are looking for brand reps so always be on the lookout! I actually got lucky when I became a Moscato and Monograms rep because they only needed three and I just happened to see it on their Instagram story in time to contact them and become a rep! You can also go to brands websites and search around for a “Brand Rep” or Ambassador Program” Tab! This is how I became a rep for Lily and Laura!

2. Reach out to Companies and ask if they have a Rep Program/If they are interested in working with you:

Many companies are willing to work with bloggers or have rep programs they are just not in high demand for reps at the moment so they are not advertising! Reaching out is always worth the risk- the worst they can say is no!

I knew that Southern Girl Prep had a rep program but when I was wondering about the program they had not come out with any type of rep application yet so I emailed them in April and asked how I could learn more about their brand rep program and they sent me an application! 

I have also been able to work with Prep Obsessed after reaching out to them!

I normally email them and ask about working with them or if I am specifically interested in doing a giveaway I will tell them what I am thinking of giving away and how they will benefit from the giveaway (my followers must follow them to enter) Here is what I say when looking for an opportunity to work with a company:

3. Companies reach out to You:

I have actually had this happen three times I believe- twice to be a brand rep and once to host a giveaway!

What your Account Needs to work with a Company:

Good followers that are consistent and engage often, frequent posting schedule, good quality photos, and showing your personality on your Instagram account is always a bonus! Another great thing to do is to like and comment on the brands that you love and hope to work with some day to show that your love of the brand is genuine!

What being a Rep consists of:

Once you are officially a brand rep you will be given a discount code to share with your friends, family, and followers! It depends on the program, but most brands require you to post a certain amount of photos in a time period. Also, most programs allow you to earn more products or benefits for how often your codes are used. 

Don’t be discouraged if you are not accepted!

I cannot tell you how many companies I have sent emails to and heard no reply from. I have applied for many rep programs and not been accepted- but that is not a reason to give up! For example, I applied to be a Jadelynn Brooke Ambassador last spring and was not accepted, so I applied again last week! 

What I have received from being a rep:

Some brands supply you with free gear to rep with while other brands will allow you to earn products and it is suggested to buy an item in the beginning to share with your followers! Here is what I have been given from the brands that I rep for!

J. R. Crider’s:

3 Tee Shirts, several koozie and stickers to share with y’all when you use my code OLIVIAN10 and send me proof that you did, sunglasses, sunglasses straps, a flag, and a draw string bag

Southern Girl Prep:

Stickers, a tee shirt, a folder, balloons, a koozie, a shopping tote 

Moscato and Monograms:

2 monogram Pullovers, a monogram tee, a makeup case, a monogram hairbrush, a monogram sticker, a monogram tote- and I have bought two items from the shop because I love their products so much!


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