Favorite Blogging Locations+Photography Tips

Today I am sharing my 3 favorite places to take photos, my photography tips for those of us with a low quality camera, and the perfect outfit for blogging photos! In that order!

1. Wall Art:
This is my tip for if you are taking photos with an average iPhone (not 7+), and I will talk about even more tips for those of us using our iPhones for blogging later in this post! Taking pics in front of a wall with a low quality camera will hide the fact that it is low quality and turn out better than taking it in open space (in my opinion). I also like taking pictures in front of wall art because I genuinely just love wall art and the fact that I have art all over my home town, but also because it makes me look like I am in a big city. I have read that followers respond better to city photos, which I can totally see for whatever reason.

2. Beach/Lake/River:
Everyone loves the beach! I think that the views you get on the lake or at the beach are some of the prettiest you will ever see, and I love using that as a back drop for my photos!

3. Wherever you are!
With all the photos I have taken, posted, and views through social media, I have slowly realized that the backdrop is not the most important part of the picture, but the lighting is! As long as the lighting is good, the photo will be! Even if the lighting is not perfect, if you love the photo and the contents of it, your followers will!
Take this photo, for example:img_9340

It is exactly how I wanted it to be, except for the shadow on my face. The only way to get rid of the shadow because of the time of day was to look directly at the sun. I do not know about you, but I cannot look in the direction of the sun without squinting my eyes and therefore ruining the picture. I did not post this picture on Instagram because I am very particular about my photos, but I bet it would have done fine if I had because it is not only showing the reality of blogging but I honestly just love this photo of myself.
Here is an example of a photo with poor lighting that I love and posted compared to one with great lighting that I also love and posted:

Can you tell the different in the “quality” of the photo? I bet you can. Or maybe I can just because of the thousands of photos I have looked at. Anyways, the one with “bad lighting” got 256 likes on Instagram while the one with “good lighting” got 244. That’s right, while lighting is important to some degree and can help the overall image of your account, the contents of the photo is what you should be most concerned about.
Here are a few more examples of places that I have taken pictures in that did not have the “perfect” backdrop or any special background to the photo:


More iPhone Photography Tips:
If you are still picky about the lighting and quality of photo like I am, here are some of my tips. If you are taking photos with an iPhone (not 7+) then I recommend taking them in full shadow with shadowing continuing behind you I have found that this works best; if there in sunlight behind your shadow it will darken you. If you take it in direct sunlight it may work sometimes, but other times it will not. It really just depends on the time of the day and where the sun is! In the evening, you would have to face the sun which is hard for posing purposes. In the mid day, it depends. Sometimes it works good, and other times it can be the most frustrating thing ever. For iPhones with lower quality than an iPhone 7+, I highly just recommend taking the pics in full shadow. ESPECIALLY if you are wearing white! For some reason, white just does not always photograph well. If it is partly cloudy outside or just too sunny, the white top you love will look like it’s glowing; and trust me, this is not a good thing. YOU want to have a glow to you, you do NOT want your white top to glow like a halo.

The Perfect Blogging Outfit:
I believe that the perfect outfit to share with your followers is one where you can help them save money, show them an option they probably did not know was available before, or give a unique way for styling! In this post: , I share a great way to save on Lilly Pulitzer clothing- by wearing kids sizes! Today I am going to share this outfit along with a little secret- You do not have to stick to one style, one look. Your “style” does not have to be simply define- try it all! I am sharing this look because it is one that you normally would not picture me in, and it is one of my favorites!

Babydoll Top (similar)



Kendra Scott Necklace

Kendra Scott Earrings

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