How to Style Birkenstocks

Whenever I was considering purchasing Birks, I was hesitant because I did not know how I would style them or if they would match many of my outfits. There were a few outfits that I could definitely see myself wearing Birkenstocks with, like these:

Babydoll Top

Hollister Jeans

Lace Up Top

But those are only two outfits out of my entire closet, which is no where near a large enough statistic to justify purchasing a pair of $100 shoes.

So I took a look at my closet and thought harder about the outfits I could pair Birkenstocks with. I soon realized that Birkenstocks are the perfect shoe to pair with the over sized tees and Norts that every girl has in her closet! You know, those lazy day outfits that do not look good with Jacks and normally force your sandal loving self to wear tennis shoes? Birkenstocks are the perfect sandals for that outfit! Problem solved!

This “Horizontal Running Team” tank is a pun from the movie Pitch Perfect and is just one of the many Jadelynn Brooke products featured in this post. Jadelynn Brooke is honestly one of my favorite brands and I am so thankful to be a Campus Rep for them this semester! If you are interested in any product from their website, use my code ONNCSU for 15% off!

Lauren James Shorties

Since purchasing Birks, I have realized how versatile they really are and they have become my most worn shoe. To me, they’re the L.L. Bean boots of summer! Seriously. You may look at bean boots and ask yourself how you would style them with your wardrobe just like I did when I ordered them. I thought I would only wear them with leggings, sweatshirts, and vests; but they soon became a staple in my closet. After purchasing bean boots, they became my favorite pair of shoes and I wear them every single day in the fall and winter.

Birkenstocks are they same way. They are the most comfortable pair of sandals I own and literally the only pair of summer shoes that do not giving me blisters when walking around on campus all day. I have realized that there are many outfits that you would not expect to look good with birds, but they do! Styling Birkenstocks with pieces like this dress and this two piece bring a unique touch to the outfit and also keep you comfortable all day long!

Lilly Pulitzer Two Piece

Jadelynn Brooke Dress

They are also perfect for casual school outfits! These two looks were featured along with six other looks here: Back to School Outfits! and are perfect to pair with Birks! The second top is a Squad Goals shirt from Jadelynn Brooke! Don’t forget about my code ONNCSU!


White Hollister Pants

Lilly Pulitzer Tee

Lilly Pulitzer Shorts

If you are on the fence about purchasing Birkenstocks, I definitely recommend that you order them! They will match so much more in your closet than you can imagine and they will quickly become your favorite pair of shoes! Also, their quality is amazing! There is absolutely no “breaking in” period- they are comfortable right out of the box! And they stay comfortable all day long! If you are interested, here is a link for your convenance!: Birkenstocks

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