Pre-Rush Events&Questions to Consider!

Ice Cream Social:

The Sunday of Move-In Weekend the Panhellenic Sororities held an Ice Cream Social for all girls interested in participating in Recruitment in one of the ballrooms in Talley Student Union. All ten of the different Panhellenic Sororities on NC State’s campus selected a few of their members to represent their chapter and welcome all of us interested in joining a sorority. As the title “Ice Cream Social” would imply, they were also giving away free ice cream from Howling Cow- NC State’s famous ice cream brand!

As you can imagine, my roommate and I were pretty nervous about this event and wanted to make a good first impression on all of the sorority sisters. People always say, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but let’s be honest. More often than not, people make their first judgements of others based on what they are wearing. We all do it, which is why fashion is so important. Anyways, you want to look put together and dress appropriate for the event in order to make a good first impression. My roommate and I were wearing jean shorts and cute tanks but while walking up the stairs to the ballroom, we saw so many girls attending the social in skirts and dresses. We soon realized that for every event leading up to your membership in a sorority, you really want to show off the best version of yourself, personality wise and also appearance. Just think about it. If you look like you just woke up, then obviously, the event is not very important to you. Just remember to look like you care. After this realization, we quickly ran back to our rooms and changed. Here is what I ended up wearing to this event:

FullSizeRender 21

Lilly Pulitzer Romper

Anyways, when we got back to Talley we went upstairs and entered the ballroom. Oh, and here’s a pro tip about college/NC State in general: you need your student ID to get into nearly everything so make sure you always have it! As I was saying, we entered the ballroom and there were girls EVERYWHERE. It was completely packed to where we could barely move around to talk with all the different chapters. Honestly, it was overwhelming. My roommate and I quickly found a group of our suitemates so we could stick together and speak to all the chapters.

The chapters each had five or so sisters at the event and each sorority had its own color tee shirt so they matched and were easier to find in the swarm of girls. This event was mainly just an opportunity to introduce yourself to the sororities and ask any questions you had about recruitment or their chapter or really anything Panhellenic in general! They also had computers available for girls to use during the event if they decided that they definitely wanted to participate in recruitment! There were so many girls in there that we could barely hear each other speak but it was still an amazing opportunity to better prepare ourselves for recruitment and to ask all the questions we had!

Fraternity and Sorority Life Night:

This event was held a week before recruitment registration closed. This event consisted of all the Fraternities and Sororities available on NC State’s campus; not just the Panhellenic Sororities like the social.

Each chapter had their own booth set up in the lawn behind Talley with photos, their titles, and other information about their chapter available. Many of the tables also had candy, drinks, pins, and flyers available and one group even had ring toss games and a raffle! The event also had free food from Mo’s and Jimmy Johns available as well as cotton candy and popcorn. This event was set up kind of like how you would imagine a career fair to be set up, so we could visit each booth as we desired and hear all about their chapter or ask any questions we had.

Remember how I said outfits are a key factor of first impressions? Well they are also great conversation starters! One of the chapters loved my jumpsuit and noticed me in the crowd all because of my outfit! The fact that I dressed nice for the event gave them a good impression of me and also worked as an icebreaker when talking with them!


FullSizeRender 25

Lilly Pulitzer Jumpsuit

After we had time to talk with all of the booths, they drew our attention to the stage and did a sort of “roll call” with the Fraternities and Sororities where they called out each type and that group either cheered for themselves or shouted out one of their chants and some of them even took the stage and performed.

Questions to Consider Asking at Events & NC State Panhellenic Sororities’ Answers:

  1. Does NC State Sorority and Fraternity Life Required Letters of Recommendation From other Current/Previous Fraternity/Sorority Members?

No. NC State wants all students to feel welcome to participate in Fraternity/Sorority Life so they do not do letters of recommendation.

  1. What should I wear for Recruitment (Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment):

As the days pass and we move to different stages of Recruitment at NC State, the dress requirements become fancier. The first day we were a recruitment tee that they provide with shorts or a skirt, whatever we choose to pair it with. The second and third days are slightly more dressed up, such as a cute romper or sundress or maybe a nice top with shorts. The fourth day is the most dressy and a dress and wedges are recommended. Just always be aware that you will be walking a lot during recruitment so your shoes need to be ones you are comfortable walking in for a long period of time. Also keep in mind that your personality is more important than your outfit and do not feel as though you need to go out and purchase a ton of new clothes.

  1. Are we Required to Wear a Certain Color like White or Black one of the days of Recruitment (Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment)?

No. NC State does not have any color outfit requirements like some other schools do.

  1. What are the Different Days of Recruitment (Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment)?

Day One: “Get Involved”

On this day, you will meet with all ten sororities and have approximately twenty minutes with each to learn about their chapter and their involvement on/off campus.

Day Two: “Live and Learn”

You will visit at max eight sororities on this day and have approximately 30 minutes to learn about living in their house, their sisterhood, and their academic routines.

Day Three: “Give Back”

On this day you will have narrowed your choices down to a max of five sororities and will learn all about their philanthropy.

Day Four: “Pref Night”

At this point, you will have narrowed down your preferences to two different sororities and will have a ceremony and time to bond with the sisters with each chapter.

Bid Day:

This is the day that you will learn which sorority you are invited to join! It will be either your first or second choice that you listed on Pref Night!

  1. Do you have to Join a Sorority if you Participate in Recruitment?


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