Rush Day Four!- Why I Dropped Out of Recruitment

Today was “Pref Day” and we had the opportunity to meet with up to two different sororities for one final meeting before bid day. At the chapter’s house, we had the opportunity to talk to girls for an even longer period of time to really get to know each other. The chapter’s also had a form of ceremony for us. The one that I went to had a small presentation where two girls talked about their bond with their sisters and how much the sisterhood has helped them. Each of us interested in pledging were given a flower and placed in it a vase with all the other sisters’ flowers as a sign of coming together.

When I received my schedule this morning, I was devastated. There was one sorority left on my list that I would be willing to join, and the only one I had been invited back to was the one I felt like I fit in with the least. I had talked to the recruitment leaders multiple times about my concerns and they strongly felt that I should continue throughout the recruitment process and decide between bid day and initiation if it was really for me because at that point I would have had more time to bond with the sisters. They stressed that so many girls had ended up loving chapter they could not picture themselves in. They persuaded me to stay, so I went to the ceremony anyways to give it one last chance.

At my last meeting, I had great conversations with the girl I was paired with and she was super sweet and friendly. I am sure that their sorority is amazing and that every girl that joined will love it. However, I still did not feel like this chapter was my home, so I decided to resign from this years recruitment.

I have stressed to my followers in previous posts that if sorority life or the chapter you have been placed with is not for you, then do not join. This is something I really believe in, but it was so hard to take my own advice. I never thought that I would be the girl to go through recruitment and not join a sorority. I wanted to be a part of a sorority so bad, but at the end of the day, I was not excited to join this chapter. Bid Day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, and I did not want to go into it not excited to hear what chapter I would join. A sorority is a big commitment. It is a big time commitment, and a big financial commitment. All the sisters thought I should take the chance and see if I end up loving it, but I do not feel like this is something I should have to force. I would look around the only chapter I was invited to and look at the other girls in my pledge class at this chapter, and I felt completely out of place. I want to be excited about sorority life, and I was not excited to join the only chapter I had left; so I withdrew.

I am still open to sorority life and it is still something I would love to be a part of. I may try to go through recruitment again in the future. Or I may realize that it really is not for me, and that is just fine. Sorority life is definitely not the only thing there is to be involved in on campus and not the only way to make friends. So if you go through recruitment like I did and realize you are not in the right place, do not worry. There is a place for you. We are in the same boat and we will both find our place.


4 thoughts on “Rush Day Four!- Why I Dropped Out of Recruitment

  1. Yay for you! I think you made a very mature decision by weighing all the pluses and minuses. I am very proud of you. Maybe next year is the right year. Luv you, Mimi

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