What to Wear for Homecoming Court!

Oh how I wish I could go back to high school just to redo my Homecoming Court outfit. Being a part of homecoming court gives you the opportunity to wear a unique outfit that you would not normally wear, and I did not take enough advantage of this opportunity. Traditionally, girls would wear a nice skirt, top, and jacket with heels or wedges and possibly tights. Oooh! Maybe like something you would wear to a holiday party!

That is what those on Homecoming Court traditionally wore, and what I am choosing to focus the most on, but I know that many schools do not have specific requirements for the girls anymore (we had to get our outfit “approved” but I do not remember any specific requirements). I know many of the girls from my high school wore dresses so for that reason, I am going to include some dresses I would pick for Homecoming Court too.

When I was on Homecoming Court, I wore a simple black top, a metallic gold and cream embroidered skirt, and nude wedges. Honestly, I did not love my outfit then and I really do not now. I love the skirt, but that is about it. I wish I has worn a cute jacket, back tights, and black wedge booties with the skirt. Another point I need to make! you should definitely wear wedges or block heels because you will probably be walking on the football field and do not want your heels to sink! Also, you will be making a long walk even if you do not step foot on the football field, so you want to wear shoes you are comfortable walking in.

As I stated before, Homecoming Court is an opportunity to wear something you would not normally get to wear. If you have noticed, fabrics like velvet, metallic leather, satin, and pleats have been very trendy recently. I love all of these trends, but most of the pieces tend to look like they are designed for night wear, making them the perfect trends to incorporate in your Homecoming look! My main tip for styling these fabric trends is to mix and match them, never pair them together. Do NOT pair a velvet jacket with a velvet skirt.  Satin with velvet. Leather with velvet. Leather with satin/pleats. Just always mix it up!

Now I am going to share several outfits I have created and love as homecoming choices! As always, everything will be linked beside its photo! And a bonus- almost all the skirts, tops, and dresses are under $20! Some even under $15!

FullSizeRender 130


Gray Skirt

Velvet Skirt

Rose Gold Skirt

Moto Jacket

Satin Jacket

Black Blouse



FullSizeRender 127

Satin Dress

Velvet Dress

Quilted Jacket

Velvet Jacket

Black Blouse




FullSizeRender 128

Ruffle Hem Skirt

Diagonal Ruffle Skirt

Circle Skirt






FullSizeRender 133

Fur Vest

Belle Sleeve Blazer

Satin Button Down

Velvet Skirt

Studded Skirt




FullSizeRender 125

Pleated Dress

Metallic Jacket





FullSizeRender 122



Rose Skirt

Tweed Jacket





FullSizeRender 131


Lace Dress







FullSizeRender 123




Ruffle Dress




FullSizeRender 126


Green Jacket

Pink Skirt






FullSizeRender 124

Velvet Pattern Dress







FullSizeRender 129


Pleated Dress

Velvet Dress

Satin Dress







FullSizeRender 132

White Blouse









FullSizeRender 119FullSizeRender 118FullSizeRender 121


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