Fashion Week Favorites: Kate Spade and Tory Burch Collections

Hey y’all! It’s September, the spring/summer fashion month of the year! I absolutely love watching all the runway shows and seeing all the new trends and outfits that are debuted during fashion week. I had originally planned to cover the whole week in a sort of day by day recap of what I loved the most that day, but that did not work out. One day, I hope to attend fashion week and be able to cover it all on my own. However, I am currently in college so I have to rely on magazine recaps and videos, and keeping up with fashion week and exam week was just not feasible. I am slowly catching up with all the videos my mom researched and found for me to cover, so first I am going to talk about two of my favorite designers, Kate Spade and Tory Burch!

These are two designers that I have loved for many years because of their classic, preppy style!

As Nicole Phelps states in this Vogue piece, in this collection, Burch took inspiration from the interior designer, David Hicks. Phelps states that Burch included inspiration from Hicks’s “interlocking tile motifs” in her patterns in this collection. Phelps states that “[Burch] and Hicks are kindred spirits, in love with color and pattern.” Throughout this collection, Burch managed to accomplish the “multilayered” look seen in Hicks’s studio with “ease” (Phelps).

One thing I love about Tory Burch is that when it is Tory, you know. Her brand stands out on it’s own and if you are familiar with Tory Burch, recognizing that a pieces is hers is no issue. The repetitive patterns and infamous tunics scream Tory Burch. Here are my favorites from the collection, and Burch is killing it in the last photo:

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Now onto Kate Spade! Liana Satenstein writes in this Vogue piece that Deborah Lloyd stated, “To celebrate, we are taking a joyous trip around America, and we are starting by heading to New Orleans for a little southern charm,” when asked about the inspiration for the collection. Satenstein writes the the pieces are looser and more comfortable to compliment the relaxed scene of New Orleans. Satenstein writes that these reasons are also why there is a athletic style hinted in some of the looks, which I also noticed when I watched the show. Below I have included my favorite pieces from this collection:

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