September Recap

Dang, September. You went by so fast yet were filled with so much.

My first days of September were spent going through formal sorority recruitment, which you can read all about here: Rush Day One! , Rush Day Two! , Rush Day Three! , Rush Day Four!- Why I Dropped Out of Recruitment.

FullSizeRender 113IMG_1986I went to my first (3) NC State football game this month! My recap all about this will be on the University Housing page soon, so make sure that you are following me on twitter and snapchat (brightestotb) and have liked The Brightest of the Bunch on Facebook to get updates on everything I am posting for NC State!

FullSizeRender 112

FullSizeRender 117

Speaking of publishing for NC State, I officially started producing content for them this month! If you did not know, I am a Journalism Ambassador for University Housing. Up until this month, we had had difficulties coming up with a way for me to directly publish the content on their website, until they figured out how to do it through wordpress! I was so excited to finally hit that publish button on posts I have been working on for weeks! You can check out everything I have already posted here: Campus Living , but make sure you are following me on the social media I have listed above because I have posts scheduled to go up every day for the next few weeks all about other events and experiences I had during the month of September! This platform is more about my day to day life as a first year college student, so if you enjoy hearing more about my personal life, check it out!

I took, and passed, my first college exams! Read all my tips and tricks here: How to Study for College Exams! Also, I probably did so well because I finally got my glasses this month! I can finally see the board in class!!

I saw my parents for the first time since moving away from college! My dad and his girlfriend came down for parent/family weekend, which I will also be posting about on my Campus Living account soon, and my mom came down for the next big event that happened this September!

I turned 19 years old on the 28th! My mom came down for the day and we went shopping and ate at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate!


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