Fall Look Book Part 1//Styling L.L. Bean Boots!

Today I am sharing part one of my fall look book! This look book contains more “preppy” style clothing and each outfit is paired with L.L. Bean Boots, which is why I have also titled it “Styling L.L. Bean Boots!” If you prefer videos over blog posts, this look book is on YouTube too! Click Here To Watch

In this first look, I am wearing this popover plaid flannel from J.Crew Factory that I scored on Black Friday last year! It is a thicker flannel material and has a half-zipper, so it is styled more like a light weight jacket- perfect for layering! I could not find the exact flannel, but I have linked a similar J.Crew flannel here!

Here I have layered this flannel with my Patagonia vest! Vests are my absolute favorite outerwear for fall and winter and this Patagonia one is one of my all time favorites! You can barely see it in this photo, but my monogram is on the other side in navy!

I have also paired this outfit with my Abercrombie and Fitch skinny jeans, L. L. Bean Boots, my staple Kendra Scott necklace, and my new favorite Kendra Scott earrings!


These Abercrombie and Fitch Jeans are my favorite because of how well they fit me! I normally wear a double zero in brands like Lilly Pulitzer and J.Crew, and I took a zero in these jeans! They fit me perfectly and are super stretchy and comfortable!

If you do not already own L.L. Bean boots, I highly recommend you order them NOW! These boots are basically my favorite shoes ever. I wear them literally every day in the fall and winter. If you are even considering ordering Bean boots, you should seriously do it now. If you do not, they may be on back order until April because they are in such high demand. If you end up not liking them, you can always return them or resale them for as much as if not more than what you paid!


If you have ever seen a photo of me , then you have seen this Kendra Scott necklace. These earrings, however, are brand new and currently my favorite! I love all of Kendra Scott’s jewelry not only because it is gorgeous, but also because I know it will last a lifetime. I know some may think Kendra Scott is too expensive, but for the quality, you are definitely getting your money’s worth.



In this look I am wearing yet another J.Crew plaid popover, but this one is a lighter week, so better for this 80 degree “fall weather” we are currently experiencing in North Carolina (insert eye roll). Anyways, I scored this J.Crew top at a local consignment shop, but I have linked a similar one for you here!


My vest is from Southern Girl Prep and I am SO EXCITED about it! I received it in my fall rep package, which you can watch me unbox here! I have also paired this look my with adorable Southern Girl Prep bow socks! Best of all, you can use my code “brightestofthebunch15off” for 15% off any purchase from Southern Girl Prep!





To me, this outfit screams fall. Honestly, they all do; but this one take sit to a whole other level. The red and orange color blocking in my scarf combined with the plaid in my vest and L.L. Bean boots makes this the perfect fall outfit, in my opinion.

Someone recently mentioned this on Instagram, but if you are one of those people that tries to avoid Walmart- you are missing out. I scored this blanket scarf at Walmart last year for under $10! Unfortunately, I could not find it; but I have linked a similar patterned option here!


My vest is an older pattern from J.Crew Factory that I managed to score on Postmark. If you have not noticed, I live for J.Crew in the fall and winter. Their summer items are not always my favorite, but all of their fall clothing pairs perfectly with my Bean boots! I have linked the most similar J.Crew vest I could find here.



This sweater is a basic sweater from Forever 21 that is under $20! Personally, I tend to go for more statement pieces and not really wear many basic tops, so I prefer to not spend much money on the basic pieces I do own. Because of this, Forever 21 is the perfect place for me to buy items like this top! I also love Forever 21 for trendy items that may not be in style for years. I just recently purchased several trendy items from Forever 21 and have a try on haul that will be posted on YouTube later this week so stay tuned for that!





You guessed it! This outfit is, yet again, filled with items from J.Crew!


I bought this green and navy plaid vest at J.Crew Factory during Black Friday last year! In case you have not noticed, I scored some major deals during Black Friday this past year! It was my first time ever shopping Black Friday and I absolutely loved it! I plan to do more Black Friday related posts when the time rolls around so make sure that you are following me on my social media platforms linked below this post (or possibly beside if you are on a desktop or tablet) so you know when all these fun posts are published!


This skirt is also from J.Crew and I found it on Postmark last year! I have linked a 50% off plaid paper bag skirt here for you!

I have paired this outfit with the same Forever 21 sweater pictured above, L.L. Bean boots, and Kendra Scott jewelry! Next week I will (hopefully) be sharing part two of this fall look book! It will be more chic outfits so definitely be on the look out for that!





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