Fall Trends Look Book

If you enjoy this post and want to see more trendy fall looks, check out this video: FALL TREND LOOK BOOK//HOW TO STYLE OVER THE KNEE BOOTS.

In the first look I am styling a gold corduroy jumper dress that gives the same affect as the overall trend, but does not look as childish! Don’t get me wrong, I love the overall trend and have a black overall dress I love to wear for game day. All I am saying is, if you want to try out the trend but do not think full on overalls are exactly your thing, this is the perfect option for you. This dress has a lower scoop neck and the only metal detailing on it is the tiny button on each side of the two front pockets!

a fall trend gold

As I said in my Huge Fall Try On Haul video, this dress is an item that I wanted last year but was hesitant to purchase because I was unsure how I would style it and was honestly a little afraid to take the plunge into the trend. Even after I purchased this dress, I was still struggling when styling it at first and did not feel super confident in it. You see, the dress runs a little large and the scoop exposes a large amount of chest area if you are not wearing the proper top. For me, the top cannot be too tight because I feel too exposed but it also must not be a loose and bulk top because the dress is already pretty loose on me. After styling it several different ways, I finally found a few different ways I like the dress.  I paired the dress with open toe booties and my Kendra Scott earrings.  I posted this look on Instagram (@brightestofthebunch) last week and y’all absolutely loved it!
a fall trend balloon sleeve

The fall trend I am mainly focusing on in this outfit is Cheetah print with this scarf! One of the things I love about cheetah print is that you can wear it as a neutral since it is basically only brown! Although I am wearing a solid in this look, I like to mix cheetah print with stripes! I plan to do a post on pattern mixing, but my go to rule for mixing patterns is to pick a pattern and pair it with stripes. Plaid + Stripes. Polka Dots + Stripes. Cheetah + Stripes. They all work. I would not, however, mix cheetah with any of the other prints listed. It would be too busy.

a fall trend cheetaa

Anyways , Cheetah has been super popular this year. Kate Spade came out with a collection and several brands came out with these super cute cheetah booties that have been all over the internet!

a fall trend cheetah

The top that I am styling here is the same one I paired with the dress in the first look. It is also super on trend for this season because of its balloon sleeves! This shirt is super flattering on because it is tight at the was it then poofs out slightly at the natural was it and on the sleeve! Remember what I said about mixing cheetah and stripes? Well, i am actually doing that here! This sweater has thick vertical ribs that is the perfect way to subtly mix patterns! You will see this top again! It is one of my favorites this season!

a fall trend cheetahhh

The last trend I am sporting is one that has been popular for about a year and a half now- the jean skirt. I got this one Summer 2016 right whenever jean skirts were becoming on trend again. Does anyone else remember how popular those Abercrombie mini skirts were years and years ago? Well, that is not exactly the look we are going for here. Nowadays, high waisted skirts are more popular and especially ones with buttons like this one. Don’t get me wrong, mini skirts are popular too; just make sure they are not too short.

a fall trend cheta

In the next look I am mainly focussed on styling this suede moto jacket. Every July Nordstrom has their semi-annual sale where all of their new fall arrivals go on sale before they hit the floor full priced! This past July, there was a suede moto jacket that everyone was dying over. I loved it; but even on sale, it was still around $100. I loved the trend, but not the price. So, I followed one of my tips mentioned in my Prep for Less! post, and I went to Poshmark! I managed to find this jacket that looks almost identical for only $25!

a fall trend pleat

In this look I am also styling this adorable cuff from Les Georgettes. My favorite thing about this bangle is that it is reversible! I currently have it on the pink side, but if you take the piece of leather out, you can also style it on a gray side- or even without the leather color! They have several different sizes, pattern options, and colors available on their site!

Here is a better look at the trend I am styling with this top- pleats! I bought this top at TJ Maxx years and years ago and have always loved it! Since it is from TJ Maxx and so old, I had trouble finding a similar top to link for you. This one is the most similar, but it is expensive. This red one and this pink one are slightly different, cheaper options! I also got a little carried away and wanted to share this unique was of styling pleats!

a fall trend pleattt

In this next look I am styling, yet again, the balloon sleeve trend.

a fall trend over the knee

Here I have paired it with this super cute rose faux suede skirt from Forever 21! Suede is a trend that also came back about a year and a half ago and although it is not as new anymore, suede can still be found everywhere! This skirt is one of my favorite skirts ever– if not my absolute favorite. I go an XS and the fit is absolutely perfect! It is funny because this skirt fits how I always dreamed of my cheerleading skirt fitting, but my cheer skirt always flared too much at the bottom.

a fall trend rose

This next trend is one that I had seen coming and has finally debuted again! Around this time last year, I was in the process of completing my senior project. My project was apparel design and I decided to make a brown dress- with bell sleeves! So basically, I predicted this trend before it reemerged!

a fall trend bell sleeve

This sweater is from BP and it is one that I had had my eye on for months. It has been all over Instagram since fall began and it by far one of my favorite sweaters. I recommend getting your true size or even sizing down in this sweater because it runs big. Normally, I would size up in sweaters. For this one, however, I purchased an XXS.


In this last look I am styling two different trends from this season. The first is velvet with this velvet top! This top is a solid velvet rather than a crushed velvet, which makes it more casual in my opinion. In this look, I have styled it with a plaid tweed skirt. Plaid is always super on trend for fall, but this tweed style is especially popular this year. I love skirts for fall because I feel like they are the perfect transition items!

a fall trend velvet


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