Thanksgiving Look Book

Today I am sharing four different outfits I would wear for Thanksgiving! There are more dressy looks as well as casual outfits. If you did not know, the blog is currently about a year old and the first look book I ever did was for Thanksgiving! I love all of these looks, but I have a different one in mind that I believe I am going to wear this year. If you want to see that look, make sure you are following me on Instagram, @brightestofthebunch, because I will probably post it Thanksgiving day!

This first look is one of the more casual outfits I have chosen. Here I am wearing one of my favorite sweaters that you may have seen already if you saw my Fall Trends Look Book post or Youtube video. This sweater is one I had my eye on for months before I actually purchased it. Although I would normally size up in sweaters, I recommend purchasing your true size or even fixing down one for this sweater because it runs large! I purchased an XXS, which is my true size for brands like J.Crew.


I have paired this sweater with these ripped jeans from Hollister for a more casual look. We all know that if you wear these pants to Thanksgiving with your family you risk comments like “did you buy those jeans with holes in them,” “your jeans are ripped, maybe you should take them back to the store,” and “are those your church jeans.” Just beware.

I have also paired this look with simple open toe booties that are a go to in my closet!

a fall trend bell sleeve

This next outfit is one that I am considering wearing if the other outfit I have planned does not work out. This outfit is a bonus outfit that I shared in this Fall Trends Look Book post but not the YouTube video!

If you did read that post, then you know that this overall style dress was one I struggled with at first. The dip in the front is slightly lower than i would prefer for it to be, making it more difficult to layer with. After trying it a few different ways, I found a couple shirts that I like under it- this one being my favorite.

a fall trend gold

This top is actually one of my favorite tops I purchased this season and the top I have in mind for the outfit I might wear this Thanksgiving. The thing that I love most about this top and makes it so trendy for this season is the balloon sleeve. You cannot see here, but the top is not only tight on the wrists, but it is also tight up to your natural waist where it flows out more and makes a very flattering shape!

a fall trend balloon sleeve

This outfit is one that y’all have been loving on my Instagram account! I am wearing yet again, the same sweater but this look is styled very differently. Here I have paired the sweater with a navy paper bag skirt, my monogram scarf, and L.L. Bean Boots! Styling this outfit with bean boots dresses it down and makes this look the perfect amount if casual and dressy for Thanksgiving!

a instagrammm

My scarf and boot cuffs are from Moscato and Monograms and you can use my code OLIVIA98 for 20% off! These pieces actually came from their September monogram box, and you can see what else was in it here!

I am also wearing my Kendra Scott earrings that I have worn in every look so far! They are my go-to earrings for any outfit and if you have not checked out Kendra Scott before- you definitely should!

AA profile

This dress is one of my favorite dresses ever. I wore it when I celebrated my birthday with my Dad’s side of the family this year, which is the only reason why I am not considering it for Thanksgiving. I actually purchased this dress from Romwe, and you can read all about my experience with them here: 4 Dresses, 4 Tops, and 2 Bathing Suits all for only $100?! My Experience: Shopping Romwe and Haul!


The embroidery on this dress is real and gorgeous. My favorite thing about this dress is that the embroidery carries over onto the back. I don’t know about you, but it drives me insane when patterns or embroidery is only on the front of the item. It makes the item looks cheap. In this case, I do not think the embroidery would necessarily have to carry over, but the fact that it does makes me love the dress that much more!


There are so many dresses like this one out there- I had to stop myself from linking them all. And the best part about all of them? Each one is under $30! Some even under $15! There is one just like it, but it is navy velvet (and has been super popular this year). One that is similar, but does not have a low V neck in the front and is under $12. One that has similar embroidery placement, is under $14, and is off the shoulder. One that has almost the same embroidery on the arms, but is black and does not have embroidery on the chest. There is one that is nearly identical and the only difference is it is black. Like I said, tons of options!


*These links are affiliated, meaning I may earn a small commission*


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