Spring Designer Dupes

1. These AMAZING Vince Camuto Dupes from Target: The Target ones are only $34 and the real ones are $150! Just look at the two compared here (Target left, Vince Camuto right):


2. This Cult Gaia dupe bag: If you remember, these were SO popular last year! I know I looked for a dupe everywhere but could not find one- until now! The real ones cost $148 and this one is only $38! Dupe on the left, real on the right.

3. This Gucci  belt dupe: Normally, I would not even thing about wanting a dupe for a luxury item. However, every blogger I know that has both the real Gucci belt and this $14 Amazon belt swears there is no difference between the two. Take a look for yourself(dupe left, real right):

4. These Espadrille Wedges: Everyone knows about the Marc Fisher espadrille wedges that were SO popular last year ($160). Wellllll, I found an amazing dupe! These are only $37 and  they come in two colors! I have the darker color and I am so impressed with them! They have an interesting hook that had me stumped in my Shein Review YouTube video, but a follower reached out to me and taught me that you literally just hook the hook behind the decorative clasp- and it works! They stay on perfectly! Dupe on the left, real on the right.


**these links are affiliated, meaning I will earn a very small commission if you purchase through my link**


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