Shop with Me: Alexander Brooke Boutique

I am finally home again for Spring Break and FINALLY got to visit one of my favorite local boutiques, Alexander Brooke boutique. There were several things I had been eyeing on their Instagram page so I pulled a ton to try on.

Check out this video for more + the Lilly Pulitzer I found at TJ Maxx and scroll down on this post for photos and my thoughts!

I’m just now realizing I left out a romper, so you’ll definitely have to check out the video for that!

This first item is currently one of her 40% off pieces that I loved right when I saw it. The thermal material reminds me of Free People and it’s so simple but still cute! I did not photograph it, but you can see in the video that there is a small slit up the back to break up the length on the top. This top comes in S/M M/L sizing and I am wearing a S/M. In the store, I felt like the top was too long on me (I’m 5″2″), but now looking back at it, I really like it and am considering going back for it!


This sweater is one that I fell in love with a few months ago and again, is part of her 40% off sale, has a gorgeous lace up back that is not pictured here but can be seen in the video, and is one that I am considering going back for. It is this super soft Chenille material and I am wearing a small!


This Off the Shoulder Dress is actually a ROMPER! It is so comfortable but I did not go for this one because I did not feel that is was super flattering on me.


This dress is the one thing I actually bought today and I am so excited about it! It also comes in S/M M/L sizing and I am wearing a S/M! It is supposed to be a tunic top, but since I am short I can wear it as a dress! I love how flow and simple it is but the bell sleeves still make it girly!


This romper is one of the items I went in looking for and will probably go back for. It is not something I would normally go for, but something about it makes me really love it. I like it with these espadrille wedges but I think it would be super cute with lace up sandals that wrap around your ankle/shin.



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